Hi 👋 this is Luca Micheli.

Serial Entrepreneur with a positive mind and a passion for tech, marketing, and photography.

 My life mission is to help and inspire 1 Billion people

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👨🏼‍💻 Projects


This is my last startup funded with 5 friends. It’s the most innovative All-in-one Customer Support, Feedback and Automation platform ever created.


This is my first successful business. I own 80% of the Italian Market of the driver license exams. This app is the TOP100 downloaded app in Italy since 2013.

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I’m from Rome 🇮🇹

Where everything has started. 

I live in Dublin 🇮🇪

I moved in Dublin in 2017 to setup my second business here. Customerly. 

🎨 My Passions

📷 Photography

I do photography since 2007. I love landscapes cause I’m inspired by nature. Twice a year I organise workshops where I teach photography.

👨‍🍳 Cooking

Someone told me that I’ve to open my own restaurant. I prefer to continue launching scalable businesses.

✈️ Traveling

My personal record is 14 flights in 30 days. I do believe that traveling is inspiring and open your mind.